The purpose of the RCSC is:

To stimulate and support such investigation as may be deemed necessary and valuable to determine the suitability, strength and behavior of various types of structural connections.

To promote the knowledge of economical and efficient practices relating to such structural connections.

To prepare and publish related standards and such other documents as necessary to achieving its purpose.

About Us

The RCSC is a non-profit, volunteer organization, comprised of over 85 leading experts in the fields of structural steel connection design, engineering, fabrication, erection and bolting. Previous, current, and future research projects funded by the RCSC serve to provide safety, reliability, and standard practice for the steel construction industry throughout the world.

The RCSC is actively soliciting research contributions to further our efforts to provide meaningful research, clear specifications, and practical application advice for our industry. Membership in the RCSC is open to any qualified individual, corporation, or organization in accordance with our bylaws.


Have research you would like to perform or help sponsor? Please contact us.